I am Tarzan, you are Jane, she is Cita

The trailer of the film Lassie Come Home (1943), after having shown a series of books in a domestic environment, highlighted at the end a nowadays well-known concept: a good...

I am Tarzan, you are Jane, she is Cita2020-05-27T15:04:00+02:00

The paper I like to read

Some time ago during an editorial meeting, a little pedantic speaker stopped me asserting that all print media are influenced by advertising. The thesis I was sustaining was, on the...

The paper I like to read2020-05-27T15:15:59+02:00

Where does the strength of a product lay

Everyone knows Mr. Bistefani – the great expert of the ancient recipe of Krumiri biscuits – who in a famous TV commercial argued with the pastry chef Carlo about the perfect balance between costs and the product’s...

Where does the strength of a product lay2020-05-27T15:27:34+02:00

Everything started with the horses

One of the most fascinating and creative professions at the moment, carried on by those who create and keep flourishing brands as Nestlé, Mercedes, Google, was born with a very...

Everything started with the horses2020-05-27T15:32:12+02:00

Hospitals as products

We are used to think about public hospitals as service centres led by the State to the benefit of the citizens and about private clinics as institutes specialized in one specific healthcare subject or another.

Hospitals as products2020-05-27T15:39:22+02:00

New World, New Brand

This historical period is in fact fascinating, also because of the new brands we are getting to know. The relationship between us and the newcomers is totally different compared to...

New World, New Brand2020-05-27T15:51:47+02:00

Every (false) cloud has a silver lining

Is a peddler selling you a Louis Vuitton bag on the beach allied with the prestigious French brand? Counterfeit cigarettes dealt on the market are enemies of tobacco multinationals? Are...

Every (false) cloud has a silver lining2020-05-27T16:05:29+02:00

Mo je faccio er cucchiaio

Sport is able to generate one of the rarest collective emotions: passion. Moreover, sport lovers are informed and prepared, something quite unique nowadays. If we put together enthusiasm, will and...

Mo je faccio er cucchiaio2020-05-27T16:09:17+02:00

Bought it since ever

The slogan of chocolates Baci Perugina says that “Just as your mom: she never changes”, Bucaneve biscuits are “a world of sweetness”, Panini stickers are “the great collections for kids”...

Bought it since ever2016-02-17T11:36:01+01:00

In defence of Swissness

The origin, the projecting and the production of goods that are renown as Swiss give an added value in a world competition ranking. A Swiss made watch is more valuable than a watch made in Italy or in Germany.

In defence of Swissness2016-02-17T11:36:21+01:00