Da War A Win Room


Se è vero che il 18 maggio il mondo del retail apre i battenti, deve prepararsi a coniugare la gestione dei magazzini con quella degli sconti e della liquidità. Evitando azioni definitive.

Da War A Win Room2020-11-18T17:14:18+01:00

A shower of emails


According to sales experts, email marketing is still an effective way to acquire customers, indeed more effective than advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter combined. Research by McKinsey states that...

A shower of emails2020-05-27T13:51:26+02:00

Tease me, please me


A teaser campaign is an advertising campaign that typically addresses the audience’s curiosity without fully revealing either the nature or the name and the brand or the advertised product. It...

Tease me, please me2020-05-27T13:54:47+02:00

Say goodbye to the old banner AD


For twenty years banner ads have proliferated on the internet. Now, the ecosystem is seemingly disappearing, and so are these weeds. Journalists write their opinions and describe facts according to...

Say goodbye to the old banner AD2020-08-26T16:58:26+02:00

Which brands will win?


Traditional marketing standards are changing. The proliferation of products reduces the number of initial-consideration potential brands, hence the competition. Who wins? Active consumers. As consumers, we were used to being...

Which brands will win?2020-05-27T14:29:24+02:00

Ineffective shocking campaigns


For many years I have worked in communication in healthcare field, developing dozens of campaigns that aimed at raising awareness on cardiovascular and oncological prevention in different European countries. Every...

Ineffective shocking campaigns2020-05-27T14:31:48+02:00



In economics, a commodity is a good requested by the market that is offered without a particular differentiation compared to competitors. Wheat, oil, copper, just to name a few, easily understandable examples. They are basic, not elaborate...


From net sweepers to oblivion


Some years ago a friend of mine was sent to jail. He had gotten into some serious trouble. Everyone (or almost so) turned away from him. As it often happens when a negative occasion takes place, you look around and...

From net sweepers to oblivion2020-05-27T14:53:27+02:00

Inappropriate SMS


Sixteen days after the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines airplane, the tragic confirmation of what was feared arrived through a short message. The SMS contained this short message: “Malaysian...

Inappropriate SMS2020-05-27T14:59:03+02:00
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