The book Re-Brand (How to wake up sleeping brands) investigates the nature sleeping brands, their charateristics and abilities. The analysis was done through the use of researches and company’s case histories, such as the ones dedicated to the Fiat 500, Bortolo Nardini, Moncler, Fabbrica d’Armi Beretta, Burberry and Vanity Fair. “Look who’s here! Some brands that were asleep, or that disappeared from the market, today regain success!” The quote introduces the reader to the peculiarity of this work (published by Hoepli) putting the research on sleeping brands at its center. In other words the publication investigates those brands that are no longer actives and their chances to win back the market.

Press release
An article on the magazine “Il Mondo” by Ettore Tamos
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General Information
Publisher : HOEPLI
Series: Marketing and management
Publication date: 04/2009
Number of pages: XXVIII-180
Price: € 24,90
ISBN-13: 9788820342746
ISBN: 882034274X

Introduction by Eleonora Cattaneo, Professor at SDA Bocconi

– Many years ago in an old Boston bookshop I found an issue of LIFE that is really close to me. The title reflects the content of the introduction to the book Re-Brand by my friend Eleonora Cattaneo. The day I was born, 19.02.1971, the American magazine was coming out with a cover dedicated to Nostalgia…of the icons of the past.
– The cover artwork is a 1920s Gio Ponti’s drawing done for Richard Ginori.